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Music Composition within a team


Music Business Marketing Opportunity!


Composers, musicians, songwriters, DJ's, companies in the marketplace of music production who want to increase their website traffic, e.g. publishing companies, musical instrument producers, etc. (but not only limited to these!): Own a Note of Internet Music History by downloading of the current demo MIDI file, import of this file into almost any music composition software, creative composition of your musical phrase, conversion of your music contribution into notation (please add your notes into the templates I provide, see below), and placing of a click-through banner advertisement (e.g. your logo) above your notes. For details about the Million Dollar Music Composition see FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Buy Notes subpages. For your convenience please generate your music note images by downloading and modifying the correctly sized Music Note Image Templates (click here). Recently we have established a new service: We provide a listing of International Songwriting and Composers' Competitions and Contests.

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